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Silver Jewellery Care

Care and advice for keeping your Jewellery at it's best

 To keep your jewellery looking bright and new, always store each item in separate boxes or compartments in your Jewellery box. Otherwise hang it up!

Wear your Jewellery as much as possible. Doing so helps keep the metals bright. Try and aviod wearing it in the shower, when swimming, when excercising or when spraying perfumes or body sprays.

Jewellery scratches so very easily, it's always wise to keep precious items apart from each other by wrapping them individually in tissue paper, cotton wool or one of these fantastic polishing cloths.

Fine pieces of jewellery should be polished with an anti-tarnish cloth but be sure that the cloth is clean and dirt free as even small particles could scratch and damage your silver.

When it's properly maintained, silver improves with age and develops a lush patina. Treat your silver well, care for it properly, and it will reward you with a life-long lustrous look.

The anti-tarnish cloths pictured here are perfect for keeping your jewellery in the best condition possible and they are available to purchase in my shop.