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New products - Christmas Orders - What's to come

New products

I can't quite believe we are already nearly half way through October! This month I have been concentrating on getting some more new items finished for you and working on another exciting project that I will tell you more about a little later. So, new products......well it's probably easier just to show you some of them! Pop by my shop if you'd like to have a little browse https://www.annaancell.co.uk/collections I am really enjoying working with some of the beautiful stones I have bought. Although I do get terribly attached to them and actually get quite upset when I have to let them go lol. They are all completely individual with no two being exactly the same. I hope to have lots more of these made over the coming weeks.


I have been busy making lots of stock this year so that I no longer have so many "made to order' pieces. This is better for you as you receive your items quicker, and better for me as I am not continually juggling lots of orders. Whilst I do currently have at least one of most items, I will only be replenishing stocks up to 30th November. After that date I will only be open for 'in stock items'. My last posting day will be Friday 15th December, after which I shall be closed until the New year.  I guess to summarise, if you have a piece you specifically want please order early to avoid disappointment.


New and exciting things to come

Engraving!! I have invested in an engraving machine. This means that I will, in the very near future, be able to offer many of my pendants with optional engraving. I will also be able to engrave the inside and outside of both rings and bangles. I have been spending the last couple of weeks training on the equipment and testing it out. It's a fantastic bit of kit and extremely clever, although my tiny brain is taking rather a long time to get to grips with it! Once I am satisfied, I will introduce the engraving as an add on service.  It has so many capabilities most of which I hope to utilise. I will be able to offer handwriting pieces, engraved photograph pieces and I may reintroduce both hand/footprint and fingerprint jewellery using this method. I will let you know as soon as this is ready to go.

Lastly don't forget that I still make many of my older pendants. Whilst as a maker I am trying to move forward with more challenging and technical designs I adore the little critters that got me started on this journey. They can all be found in my shop.

Handmade animal pendants in sterling silver

I am very new to this blogging lark so I do hope I haven't bored you all to tears! If you have ideas for my next blog, or things you'd like to know, I'd be only too happy to hear them. I am a small business and truly appreciate all of the amazing support I have received from you all.

Thank you

Anna xx




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